Educational uses for Rev

Judy Perry jperryl at
Thu Aug 12 23:49:00 EDT 2004

Actually, Richard, they would have had to have worked hard NOT to have
stumbled across it, as I posted it as ammo in one or more class discussion
threads ;-)

As for some of them being 'authorities', well, remember that two of them
claimed that Hypercard was 'a cheap rip-off' or 'knock-off' of Visual
Basic... and that VBA = Visual Basic Analogue...  you get the drift I'm


On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> One sadly pervasive problem is that too many self-described
> "authorities" on e-learning mistake the Internet for the Web.
> I can understand why they didn't stumble across my "Beyond the Browser"
> article:
> <>

> I'd like to think any "authority" would be able to connect the dots here. :)

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