sound in revolution

Bruce Laidlaw wbl at
Thu Aug 12 23:23:57 EDT 2004

Hi, Steve, Judy, Klause,

Sorry, I've only been have half-attending/understanding. I have a HC 
stack with the line

play "applause"

"Applause" was just a HC sound file. Translated into Rev the new stack 
works fine on Mac and Windows. However the only Windows machine I can 
test it on has QT intalled. Are you saying this won't work if QT is not 
installed in the Windows machine?

If I change the script to 'play audioclip "applause.wav"' AND install a 
"applause.wav" into my Rev stack then it should play fine on Windows 
machines without Quicktime?

Steve, what do you mean by "One has to script the player bit...."?


Stephen King wrote:

>Hi Judy, Klaus,
>After carefully reading your post Klaus, I have now (embarrassingly) cracked
>my problem of playing WAVs without QT.
>I hadn't fully appreciated the difference between the PLAY and PLAYER
>'objects'. I mistakenly thought that PLAY was simply similar to PLAYER but
>with data stored rather than a filename reference.
>Not so it seems. You are absolutely right that 'Play Audio Clip' does indeed
>play WAVs fine on Windows. One has to script the player bit, but at least it
>all plays.
>I also had this response in a Bugzilla but hadn't appreciate the
>significance at the time.
>Must learn to read the docs more carefully :-)
>Thanks for this. Helps a lot.

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