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Thu Aug 12 18:37:11 EDT 2004

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>Okay, Cubist, I'm gonna make plain my ignorance on the issue in hopes you
>can help  me understand why ...
>One cannot use, say, Trebuchet MS and Comic Sans MS (standard installs
>on both PC and Macs I think) reasonably reliably.
>These are kinda plain-vanilla types of fonts.  I'm aware that there
>probably won't be complete crossplatform fidelity, but, on the whole,
>shouldn't they work with remarkably little nudging?
>My project used these, and they worked tolerably well on both platforms
>until about half way through...
   Hmmm. The best suggestion I can think of is maybe the font files 
themselves got corrupted somewhere along the way, in which case you should trash the 
fonts and reinstall fresh copies. Failing that, there's always the generic Mac 
troubleshooting protocol, namely "trash the relevant preference files (Finder 
prefs, General Controls prefs, and Rev prefs, in this case), rebuild the 
desktop, and zap the PRAM".
   If neither of those options help, well, you got me...
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