use-revolution Digest, Vol 11, Issue 50

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Aug 12 16:49:51 EDT 2004

On 8/12/04 2:43 PM, cteno4 wrote:

 > Jacqueline,
 > Thanks very much, this fixed the problems. also fixed my truncating 
 > files using the 26 engine. with the 25 engine with an invisible player
 > the files play fine on mac and windows, just that callbacks set near the
 > end can be flakie on windows. invisible players work fine on the mac,
 > seems to be a pc only problem. setting the location off screen and the
 > player to visible fixes all thse audio playback bugs.
 > Thanks again for the solution!

No problem. I encourage you to bugzilla these -- that's the only way 
they will get fixed. The work-around is okay but it would be better if 
we didn't have to use it.

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