Questions about Rev/Transcript vs. other toolkits

Troy Rollins troy at
Thu Aug 12 10:58:35 EDT 2004

On Aug 12, 2004, at 3:57 AM, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Troy, I'm talking Applications, not multimedia projects. Heck, at 
> Human Code we created tons of award winning multimedia/game CD's using 
> Director-- and put them on plenty of store shelves, for folks like 
> Discovery Channel, Disney, Hasbro and others. I know *multimedia* 
> works in Director.

But you see, I'm not talking about "applications" or "multimedia", I'm 
talking about functions. I have no debate about Rev's ability to 
produce applications - as you said, one of my own commercial apps is 
written in Rev, and I don't regret it. Director is MUCH harder to get 
to produce "applications" that look and behave like "applications."

> I can point you to commercial apps written in Rev, (including yours), 
> but I assume you know what/who they are. You of course chose to write 
> your latest app in Rev rather than RB or Director. Perhaps the basis 
> for that choice could lend some valuable perspective to this 
> discussion.

Sure. It was because I knew the project only had light imaging 
functionality required, and otherwise no "multimedia" functions. It is 
a visual application to be sure, but it does not have high imaging 
demands. However, it needed to look and behave like an "application." 
Rev fits the bill very well for my product. For those of you who have 
no idea what I'm referring to (just look at the page, don't bother 
downloading the app unless you own a professional MPEG2 player)


> Seriously, can you point me to a couple of commercial 'applications' 
> built in Director? Especially image editing desktop applications. I'd 
> really like to take a look at them, as I'm sure they'd offer me new 
> insights regarding image editting.

Here's one -


As you can see, it even uses multiple windows and native controls. I 
pity the poor soul who managed that part. I've done it, and it isn't 
fun.... see this -


Which is one of my own. Written in Director, has some imaging, saves 
files, looks and works like an application, etc.

RPSystems, Ltd.

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