Educational uses for Rev (was Re: Plea to sell Dan's book widely)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Aug 12 16:36:35 EDT 2004

Devin Asay wrote:

> At the same time Rev provided us a way to migrate our older HyperCard 
> and Toolbook custom apps to a new, single-track code base.

When Chipp and I were manning the Rev booth at WWDC we had a chance to 
do real-time HyperCard conversion:  a fella came by the booth with 
questions about conversion, I told him how easy it was, he came back a 
few hours later and brought his stack (a really cool simulation of 
genetic mutations) and we were able to convert it on the spot in just a 
few minutes, handing him back the converted stack and an OS X standalone. :)

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