memory - why isn't it getting freed

Chris Sheffield revlist at
Wed Aug 11 12:57:48 EDT 2004

Thanks, Robert.  I was able to make a called to Valentina("Shutdown"), and
that will at least clear my cache. Then I'm able to reinitialize the
Valentina kernel after that.

Strange behavior going on here, but at least there's a workaround, for which
I'm very grateful.  I was having much stress over this one. :-)

Thanks again,

Chris Sheffield
Software Developer
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> On 8/9/04 9:00 AM, Chris Sheffield wrote:
> >Can anyone tell me the reasons for memory not getting freed up like it
> >should?
> >
> >I have an application that consists of a login stack, another main stack
> >where most of the program functionality occurs, and then several other
> >external stacks (stored as compressed data in a Valentina database) that
> >contain multimedia content such as graphics, audio files, text, etc.
> These
> >stacks get extracted from the database, decompressed, and then accessed
> to
> >retrieve that content.  The problem is, when I'm done with these external
> >stacks, I use the delete stack command, which should remove them from
> >memory, but it doesn't.  I have checked every function I can think of
> >(revLoadedStacks, openStacks, stacksInUse, etc.) to see if Rev thinks
> these
> >stacks are still open in some way, but that is not the case.  The memory
> >just doesn't get freed.  It doesn't return to normal until I completely
> exit
> >my application.  This is not a good thing because used memory keeps
> building
> >up and up, until eventually the application crashes because the system
> has
> >run out of memory.
> >
> >This is a serious problem, and I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing
> >wrong, or if I've discovered some bug in Rev.  So what I'm wondering is,
> >what would cause memory to not get freed the way it should?  Files that
> the
> >stacks might have open perhaps?  But if that were the case, why would the
> >stack not appear when using one of the above functions?  Anything else?
> I suspect that at least some of the non-freed memory is coming from
> Valentina caching. When you extract your stacks, the extracted
> content is cached by valentina before being passed to Rev.
> Robert Brenstein
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