opening sockets and cpu usage

Wouter wouter.abraham at
Tue Aug 10 14:01:39 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Yesterday while testing a chat stack with some people,
there was an old problem coming back in a worse form
with the latest engine 2.6.1 (while the other 2 didn't seem
to have any problem at all).

To simplify the question:
  if a socket is opened like in:

        open socket to "" with message "gotit"

with rev engine 2.6 and before, the cpu usage is slowly but steadily 
     (and faster if there are connections)
with rev engine 2.6.1 it jumps at once to about 85 % cpu usage

Is this normal for slower machines (400 mhz G4  Mac OSX 10.3.4)
or is something else terribly wrong?


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