Mysterious gray background when printing cards

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Aug 9 23:45:40 EDT 2004

On 8/9/04 9:27 PM, Bill wrote:
> Thanks -- you cleared this up for me. If you click the little button next to
> background color which says "clear" (in colors and patterns of stack
> inspectior) this causes your background color to be gray. To set your
> background color to "clear" you have to open up the color picker and push it
> to white. Thanks for the heads up.
> If I knew more I would ask for a feature on bugzilla. My feature request
> would be to make "clear" be the lack of any color, icon, figure or even
> gray. At least that is what I think of as clear. Or maybe if gray is chosen
> it should be visible.

Actually, "clear" in this case means "none" or "transparent". It clears 
the color assignment from the object entirely. When an object has no 
color specifically assigned to it, it inherits color from the next 
object up the hierarchy. If that one has no assignment, then the 
inheritance continues up the hierarchy until an object does have a color 
assigned or until the default is used. Somewhere in your stack or in 
Revolution itself there is a gray color that your object is inheriting. 
So, to avoid that, assign your own color -- in this case, white.

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