question about httpProxy prop.

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Aug 9 18:58:12 EDT 2004


1) Do you know what type of authentication your proxy server is using?
2) Are you 'not connecting' or just getting empty data back?

If you're getting empty data back you might try:

repeat 5 times
   get URL ""
   if it is not empty then
      answer "Got it!: " & it
   end if
end repeat

sometimes it takes a couple trys to get through some firewalls/proxy 
servers. I've used this successfully on high latency proxy servers.

If you find out you're using Basic Authentication, then Dave Cragg has a 
new version of libURL which supports both Basic and NTLM authentication. 
If you need the NTLM authentication, then contact me offlist and I'll 
send you a NTLM.dll external.



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