Program Testing and Persistent Properties - Thread Conclusion

Richard K. Herz herz at
Mon Aug 9 18:54:02 EDT 2004

Bob Warren wrote:

> Some days ago I published a "worst case scenario" account of what it might
> be like for a VB programmer to make the switch to the Rev IDE and the
> confusions he might encounter when presuming that the setup of distinct
> project design /project testing existed as he had been used to. For those
> you who might have missed the thread, the original  illustrated story of
> VB programmer's demise is at .

A small aspect of this is related to the design of the tools palette.  I
suggest that better graphics be added to show that the browse and pointer
(edit) tool buttons toggle each other. The current design in 2.5b1 of making
the selected button's arrow icon black is bad since the selected cursor icon
doesn't look like the active cursor!.  In addition, there should be a
stronger graphical connection between the pointer tool and the control
selection buttons below on the tools palette.  Perhaps the browse and
pointer buttons should be over/under each other, with the browse button on
top and the pointer on bottom next to the control selection buttons - or
have some other graphical feature "connecting" the pointer button to the
control buttons.  Perhaps the control selection buttons should dim when the
browse tool is selected.


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