Rev's Web-centricity (was: Rev's Mac-Centricity (Was: Plea tosell Dan's book widely))

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Sorry, but i just finished my 2nd cup of coffee and my brain fog
cleared up...

In my 2 reasons for getting RR studio, #2 reason was that you can still
run the stack format on any platform and do it all.

And for the RevOnline "experience", it would be great to have it both
web based in addition to Mac based. Easier for the RevUser (some prefer
web to stack based navigation?) and nice to see for the newcomer or
visitor to navigate.

If the website of RunRev mentioned something like

This site made and running with a RunRev over Apache

Wouldn't that be something to consider for Java/PHP/Flash/SQL

Can RR perform? ;)
I have my ideas how it can with Win2003 servers.
Im sure that Kevin and company are considering our ideas as fast
as they pour in but at the end of the day, it takes time and man
years to make this work. This discussion has been really a big
feast of thoughts! Dan's book will honor my library... I have to
know what made this thread mushroom!

Nitrous boosted plugins and applications for the RunRevolution!

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> Richard,
> > Beyond that, what other things might help make the value of choosing Rev
> > more self-evident?
> >
> > The value's there.  The problem isn't the tool, it's communicating what
> > the tool has already accomplished.
> RR is like a cult - much like ska music - it has a worldwide following,
> it's extremely popular if not fanatic following, it's clearly a superb
> idea that moves and jostles your motivation to do better, offers an
> incredible resourcefullness in variety of styles.
> But compared to trendy things like Disco, House, Rap/HipHop, and Techno
> today, it will never get the spotlight - except for a exceptional songs/
> stacks. There is a question of getting a big publishing/recording label
> behind you.
> I bought the PC studio license because - 1) I have potentially 10X more
> users (and note that this ratio doesn't really justify buying a license
> for another platform - but Im sure this is not a real issue once a soft
> is successful, 2) Im have this hobby of creating/designing/writing and
> RunRev is the digital tool that does it ALL.
> I find the lack of Made-in-RR applications around the web to be probably
> the biggest loss in show of commercial capability, marketing visibility
> power (any one has the potential Moft look on the net) is needed - like
> an article or banner on Slashdot. After that, continued articles (one a
> month eg) would keep the flow in... Good old marketing wave function.
> A few how-tos with graphics on the web would be cool to demonstrate the
> disparate advantages of RR.
> If you look at niche products like Satelite decoders (my dreambox in
> particular but others as well), PHPNuke, FruityLoops and countless others,
> the show of force that brings the crowd to the website is the web Forum.
> Not only it serves as a live FAQ and an organized place for things like
> release announcements, Plat-x issues, Heather news, etc...
> Today, if that moves to the RevOnline, you will loose that visibility. I
> really suggest you look at FruityLoops forums and excellent website at
> They have a tool much like RR but for music and their
> user crowd is amazing in display of help, samples, songs, you name it.
> If RR had this, we wouldn't be having this talk. And note that FL is
> PC only - made with Delphi. Delphi's web site is not bad either BTW.
> Since HyperCard met the net, this forum visibility has been moved mostly
> from maillist to maillist. But this form is not well exposed
> IMOHO to either
> new comers or visitors and is severly limited by its text-only appearance
> which is not a good example of the platform. The web presence of RR is far
> from what HC was... But HC was, well, a 32K BW Apple-limited tool. It was
> well marketed in the beginning.
> An interesting question/comparison is Filemaker today on PCs... Media
> marketing over info-world and pc world didn't do much... But repeat
> marketing is known to have a bigger effect over long-term. It has worked
> on the Mac I believe. How many of us found RunRev while seeing a web ad?
> So there, without getting into the tech details of RR, just looking at
> the client's web view, the visibility is still a handful of webs with a
> handful of links - which are not even complete - few have externals, HC
> libraries (infomac or, not to mention my own) <:(
> Would Google ads do better than Slashdot's? Why not try both.
> Again, Fruity
> Loops Studio is available on Tucows - Wouldn't that be part of
> its success?
> No, they had magazines include them on CDs, make articles on them and they
> make IMPRESSIVE demos of the capabilities of their products. Try their
> demo, it's spectacular and not as expensive as RR. Which is the source of
> their success? It certainly is not the features which we could compare as
> powerful as RR's.
> This thread is a definitely good marketing tutor, thinktank!
> cheers
> Xavier
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