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Sun Aug 8 23:30:05 EDT 2004

On 8/8/04 6:17 PM, "Bill" <bill at> wrote:

> set the numberFormat of tBondAmount to "#.00"
> Only works for scroll bars (weird that it is so specialized).
> How do you take a number like 10000000.00 that is in the variable
> tBondAmount and make it look like $100,000,000.00 ??

Well, you can't do it directly with numberFormat. You need to do something
like this:

on mouseUp
  ask "Enter a value:"
  if it <> "" then
    put ConvertToDollars(it)
  end if
end mouseUp

function ConvertToDollars pAmt
  split pAmt by "."
   -- pAmt[1] contains the dollars, pAmt[2] contains the cents
  if pAmt[2] = "" then put "00" into pAmt[2]
  if length(pAmt[2]) = 1 then put "0" after pAmt[2]
  put trunc(length(pAmt[1])/3) into tNumLoops
  put "" into tDollars
  repeat tNumLoops
    put "," & char -3 to -1 of pAmt[1] before tDollars
    delete char -3 to -1 of pAmt[1]
  end repeat

  put pAmt[1] & tDollars & "." & pAmt[2] into tRetVal
  -- remove a preceding comma if an even multiple of 3
  if char 1 of tRetVal = "," then delete char 1 of tRetVal

  return "$" & tRetVal
end ConvertToDollars

Hope this helps,

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