First update for vector to pdf

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Sun Aug 8 13:27:06 EDT 2004

>--- Jim Hurley <jhurley at> wrote:
>  > Another small point I noticed.
>>  My graphic was named "rainbow" and so the *short*
>>  name did not
>>  contain the word "graphic." So I just changed the
>>  code line:
>>	if the short name of control i contains "graphic"
>>  to
>>	if the name of control i contains "graphic"
>Hi Jim and Alejandro,
>This part of the code would even fire for images that
>just happened to have a name like "silly graphics" ;
>it is best to check word 1 of the long name of control
>Just something that came to mind as I was catching up
>on use-rev mail -- keep up the great work :-)
>Jan Schenkel.


Right you are!

Word 1 of "the name" or "the long name" tells you what the control 
type is. I ran into the problem you mention just yesterday when I 
found I had a FIELD named "graphic data". Needless to say, the 
converter choked on this.

We all owe Alejandro a big debt of gratitude for this utility. 
Finally we can export graphic objects out of RR--this was the 
facility I missed most from SuperCard.

If we had a list of the  "Run Rev Utility Contributor of the Year" 
award, I would nominate Al for consideration. I'm sure the list of 
nominees would be long, since we all have such different needs.


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