Rev's Mac-Centricity (Was: Plea to sell Dan's book widely) !controversial!

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On 08.08.2004, at 05:06, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Along with this new day, are plenty of new opportunities. Where is the 
> VB for Linux? I'm not suggesting RR take front and center, but if I 
> owned the company, I would certainly prepare a strategy focussed on 
> Linux within the timeframe of Longhorn launch. Think about it, all you 
> really need is a single major player validating the RR platform. A 
> strategic partner like IBM can do wonders for this technology. Just 
> think about how many copies would sell if IBM invested in RR as the 
> 'VB' for cross-platform development...

Agree with that, Chipp.
That would be one way to get into the market.
But, whats about a strategic partner called the community?

I would like to make a proposal, where Rev should go and how this can 
be realized?
*Change the actual licensing policy and license the engine only too,
*license the engine let the developers (in common project) make GUI for 
WIN, Linux, Newbies etc...
*Dont violate them every half a year with another license system
*Say clearly to them: We need to sell every year so many 
licenses/upgrades to survive and further development. (RR! You owe this 
to your gratis supporters). And the guys and gals will understand and 
not feeling constrained as many do now. And will struggle with you - 
not only blindly evangelise the converted. Think about it, how the old 
german trainer Rehagel, who has won the european championship in 
futball(soccer) with the DAVID-Country Greece against Giants like 
France England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Cechia...: "Before I 
came, everybody did what he wants, now everybody does what he can."
*Therefore change the License for the last(!) time to a way of yearly 
*focus your actual GUI to the professional developers and sell it as 
*collaborate in projects with your developers
*Dont make your design, new features etc. in a hidden and quiet place 
anywhere in the highlands. Ask the comunity before!
*publish (let publish) on the webpage common project which can be done 
with and from the rev community
*Find these new Developer(markets), together with your community, which 
do not know actually that they are (future) developers of rev.

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