MDI challege

Meitnik at Meitnik at
Sat Aug 7 08:35:40 EDT 2004

> There is an argument to be had that Rev is somewhat limited in advanced 
> Windows
> features because of its well-balanced multi-platform feature set.
-- Limiting, you bet. I consider a tool cross platform when a tool handles 
the core features of each platform. RR simply does't, look at lack of MDI 
support. Ken Ray wrote a great spec whose features could have been slowly fullfilled 
over the 2yrs since its introduction. The code to do fake MDI in RR IDE is a 
hack, a working one yes, but a hack. And its not even explained to others who 
could even use that hack if one wanted "revMDI". 
I challege rr team to post a free tutorial on Menbars and MDI on revonline in 
the next 60days ;-)
This posting would help newbies and those working strictly on Windows to make 
best use of RR.


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