Localizer - Transcriptlator - opinion request

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Sat Aug 7 02:39:51 EDT 2004


> > So the question is whether this last script should be made
> > available separately in a stack from the other translators?
> Obviously, you are considering a possible good reason for these to be 
> separate, but since I don't have a full understanding, perhaps you 
> could humor me and tell me what it is? Why would the parts of the 
> script which identify and include the locals be put into a separate 
> stack? Would it have some application outside of the rest of the 
> scripts?

Well, for different reasons.
- the translator and the localizer do different things. One does the
obvious job of translating other languages. The other declares
your locals to make the explicit variables feature happy. It also
helps make your scripts less buggy as it allows you to see right
away when you have misspelled variables.

The reason both are integrated into the Trancriptolator is that
the Localizer was another parser I made using the T.ptolators' 
functions. In addition the Localizer can be used after any 

But Im thinking that the localizer may be needed for some while
the T'ptolator may not. Im thinking of a 5 EU/$ shareware for 
the localizer (as a script editor plug-in) while the T'ptolator 
will be priced higher.

Here's a few screenshots...

> Maybe if I understood better, I could offer some kind of opinion.


> Either way, the stacks sound interesting, Xavier.


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