Plea to sell Dan's book widely

sims sims at
Fri Aug 6 12:41:39 EDT 2004

>No doubt, the EuroRevCon is a great way for us to get together, and
>buy discounted autographed books from our favority author. ;)
>No kidding, I still pride my HC handbook 2.0!
>I got 3 HC books and Dan's the one that got the most leafing! ;)
>However, spending dire marketing money on the ADC is IMOHO a big
>waste. What is 200000 users when you can have double that with
>a single post in (/.) alone! Oh, I almost forgot, it's
>free and revisitable... However RunRev has not made much talk there
>and there's a catchup to do if you want the book to find even more
>success... cost nothing, zilch, nada for the ad in the ADC Neswletter.

A marketing budget for the EuroRevCon would be an interesting concept  ;-)
So far it has been mostly my time & effort...I must have missed that 'marketing
budget' meeting (joke there folks)  ;-)

Look forward to seeing you at EuroRevCon Mr X.


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