Plea to sell Dan's book widely

Mark Brownell gizmotron at
Fri Aug 6 11:48:29 EDT 2004

On Friday, August 6, 2004, at 08:30 AM, Dan Shafer wrote:

> First, fulfillment is still out of Edinburgh, which drives the cost of 
> the book very high.

International shipping costs are almost a deal killer.

> Second, to the extent that we enter into new contractual distribution 
> deals we cloud the possibility of success with a traditional 
> publisher, who is already going to be quite reluctant to work with us 
> just based on the minuscule size of the potential audience.

Now I see why you went the e-Book way. Geeks already have their faces 
screen-burned so what's the diff. The e-book business has pretty much 
tanked. People want to have something to hold in their hands that is 
not screen related. Still these books of yours are part of the reason 
that some would consider using Revolution in the first place. Keep up 
the great work, and thanks.


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