sound in revolution

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Thu Aug 5 08:44:40 EDT 2004

1. What's the less expensive sound file in terms of space?  Wav?  Mp3?
If you are recording voice, you can usually get away with low bit-rate 
mp3s, as low as 32.  For music, I find a bit-rate of 64 to be a 
workable minimum, although it depends somewhat on the individual 
content of the clip.  Wav clips will be larger in file size.

2. How do you play/stop/open/close MIDI files from inside Rev?
Treat a MIDI file as you would an audio file: play them, etc. from 
within the Player Object.

3. Has anyone heard of .nsf files?  Can these be played with Rev?
I think it's a sound format for computer games; I'm not aware of 
QuickTime being able to open these.

4. In HC we used to be able to change the pitch and tempo of a sound
See the Transcript Dictionary definition for playRate.

We could also play sounds on different "channels".  Is there a
way to do these things with Rev?
I *think* it's possible to have more than one audio player playing at 
once. Anyone?


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