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pkc pkc at
Tue Aug 3 17:22:19 EDT 2004

Scott Rossi wrote;
>Seems to me a client that supports multiple services would be useful.  Chipp
>Walters introduced me to Fire, a multi-service chat client for OSX.  So far
>it has worked well for me with iChat.
>Also came across this, though I haven't used it.

I've used all those, and Adium (AIM only).  If you need to include 
Yahoo chat for some reason, these are the choices for Mac users.  The 
Fire bunch was at it first and then have progressed from a pleasant 
and imaginative application that didn't work to an even more pleasant 
and imaginative one that does. Proteus is alright too, but they have 
been following Fire so my sympathies are with Fire.

But if you don't really need Yahoo (do you?), Netscape will run 
across AIM and ICQ, which is marginally more useful.

I have put Tuvah's stack into several applications and it works like 
a charm.  Very simple. Everybody can use it to make their own 
clients. But it is P2P, somebody has to run the server all the time 
(or a tracker, anyway).

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