Any Chatters? Revisited

william griffin bill at
Tue Aug 3 12:20:57 EDT 2004

Catching up on all the list I missed for a month.
As long as one person is in the chat room "runrev" the room will exist 
to join.
If no one is in the room and attempts to join, the room will be created.
Once you see people in the ichat room, you can drag them to your buddy 
and iChat provides groups so you can easily create a runrev specific 
This is probably the best method to see when there is activity.

If you are on broadband and happen to leave your machine running,
you can lurk in the room for days and log everything said to keep up to 
I logged three to four months of chats, even while I was asleep.

The ichat room used for iDevGames during last years uDevGames contest
was extremely successful, much alpha, beta, and final testing as well
as idea and knowledge sharing took place, along with lots of laughs.
After a couple of ichat network issues they switched to IRC and the
large community created in ichat disintegrated into only a small 
handful of
hard core geeks, with nothing much to talk about but code.

I'm curious why Tuviah's chatter stacks haven't been improved and 
implemented into a user community builder.
I had put his stack scripts into iGame3D with the hopes of using it as 
a base of community based game dev,
but without anyone on the network to test it and while doing trouble 
shooting I removed them.
It would seem a RunRev based solution to chatting would be the best 
method of
building a real time RunRev community. This could more likely occur 
once something
starts happening in iChat, then folks can know who is online to test 
networking apps made in runrev.

Well I'll be lurking in the chat room, see you there.

Mr Bill

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