Saving and Talking

Greg Wills gwills at
Tue Aug 3 04:51:35 EDT 2004

Thanks Kurt, Malte and Sarah for your responses to my question. Your 
replies helped me to understand why it would not work. I misunderstood 
that the sub-stacks would be linked to the revSpeak external in the 

I have not tried your suggestions, but understand why they would work.

I have done another search in the Rev archives and came across a very 
simple solution from Klaus which I tried and it works in both Mac OS X 
and Windows builds. Here it is; (Thanks Klaus.)

Put this into the script of the store-data-stack

on preopenstack
    start using stack "the standalone one" ## well, you guess
end preopenstack


on closestack
     stop using stack "the standalone one"
end closestack

This way not only handlers and functions of stack "the standalone one"
are accessible but also its externals/libraries, which are missing
otherwise as you just experienced :-)

Hope that helps...

On 02/08/2004, at 10:26 PM, use-revolution-request at 

> Hi Greg,
>> I can get the Distribution Builder to build a standalone that will 
>> save
>> changes (button names).
>> I can get the Distribution Builder to build a standalone that will
>> speak the button name.
>> BUT not in the same build.
> I guess the stack you are saving does not know that it needs to use the
> revspeak external. Try having the script that does the speak in the
> standalones mainstack and call that script from the stack you are 
> saving.
> e.G. declare a global or custom prop  that holds the text to be spoken 
> and
> speak that global / custom prop from the main stack.
> Hope that helps,
> Malte

> On Aug 2, 2004, at 1:02 AM, Greg Wills wrote:
>> I can get the Distribution Builder to build a standalone that will 
>> save
>> changes (button names).
>   How do you do that?  I was under the impression that any persistent
> changes had to be made to a substack when running from a standalone.
> What I usually do is to open a small stack (which does nothing except
> allow me to initialize the Revolution runtime), immediately make it
> invisible,  and then open a secondary stack which allows changes to be
> saved (and in effect does all the work).
> -Kurt

Kurt maybe I didn't make it clear. It is saving to a sub-stack of the 
standalone. It has taken me ages to understand how to do this properly. 
Having now got to the point that I can actually do it gives me such a 
sense of freedom. Now I feel I can do whatever I want and get users to 
alter info in the stack as they want (yeh basic I know, but a 
satisfying breakthrough for me). It actually works, works reliably and 
not complicated - now!!

I am no expert on this, but if you want my explanation of how I have 
done this, I will be happy to share.



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