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Monday, August 2, 2004, 2:56:41 PM, you wrote:

RG> of course the VM in UNIX, including OS X, is stellar.  I've never had a
RG> low-memory condition in any OS other than Win95 (back when the machines
RG> shipped with barely enough to run the OS) and Mac OS 9.

<I once managed to install Win95 on a machine that had 4M of memory. I
started the installer, went to bed, and looked in on it the next
morning. And the dang thing actually ran. No memory to run
applications, of course, but the OS came up just fine.>

RG> My rule of thumb is to avoid tokens implemented "for compatibility".
RG> The old MC docs didn't even include any that weren't fully implemented,
RG> tucking them away into a note on compatibility with other tools.

I'm thinking these should all be deprecated and the SuperCard
compatibility stuff only activated if scAddressing is turned on, the
way the current HyperCard compatibility mode works with hcAddressing.

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