since I am in Hell, let's all have fun... we might end with a case study.

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Mon Aug 2 18:24:09 EDT 2004

Hi Folks,

If you've been tracking my emails latelly I am in hell. I was hired by 
an enterprize to create and app. I should deliver the first testing 
version tomorrow but they changed the spec at the last minute and now 
the app must work across firewalls and protected lans with fake 
unreachable ips. I am now rebuilding the whole thing from the scratch. 
Building a server side app that will interface with MySQL on the server 
and a Client app that will be nice and pretty (that's half done).

Since I feel masoquist and in need of some promotion (I am out of local 
TV for months now) I just created a Blog to record my steps building 
this app in the next 24hours. This way you all can share my pain and 
madness and laught as I go against the clock. I'll make this beta till 
9 AM tomorrow! I can post to blogs from inside the Rev IDE so I loose 
no time doing this and we can say we did the first Geek Code Reality 
WebShow. Also there are comment spots on the page so I hope people help 

We Brazilians think that just because you're in Hell it's no motive to 
spoil good fun or spectacle. If everything works out good, we should 
end with a nice diary and case study, how many languages you know makes 
easy to build client/server apps in 24h?

PS: This will be a beta and they know it, it's suppose to be in working 
final order in two weeks, but must be demoed to three branches across 
the net tomorrow...

the url for the blog is have fun!
Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004
Soap Dog Studios - BRAZIL

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