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Nonsanity nonsanity at
Mon Aug 2 12:24:57 EDT 2004

Well, I can tell you I was surprised to find that Hypercard's legacy 
lives on when, on a whim while wishing for the old ease of Hypercard's 
quick prototyping powers, I typed "HyperTalk OS X" into google and found 
Revolution. Happy camper here! I read Danny Goodman's original work 
cover-to-cover before we bought our first Mac. I broke open that 
Macintosh II's box on the way home from the dealer just to get at HC's 
manual. I eventually became the Hypercard guru on GEnie and the 
short-lived NVN (in the days before the widespread use of the internet).

I'm VERY happy to see there's a solution now on OS X.

HyperTalk came right back to me without a hitch, and I was coding away 
like mad. I can say I love the loss of the 30,000 character limit on 
text fields, and the speed increase is wonderful.

But, all good thing aside, I did have a few problems. I guess the first 
isn't so much a problem as an issue: The interface is not very clean, 
and deffinately not Mac-like at all. Even the original Hypercard was 
easier to work with. I understand that this is a multi-platform program 
now, but some attention needs to be put into the Mac version's interface 
at the very least.

The other problem was the seeming lack of a way to set the scroll of a 
text field from a script. Not knowing the current whereabouts of Danny's 
old book, I'm going on memory but shouldn't there be a command like:

set the scroll of fld "Output" to 30000

I often used this to scroll to the bottom of a long field that I was 
continually adding to.

  ~ Chris Innanen
  ~ Nonsanity

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