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Sun Aug 1 18:34:45 EDT 2004

> From: Dan Shafer <revdan at>
> Date: 2 August 2004 8:18:46 AM
> To: Revolution User List <use-revolution at>
> Subject: More on Xplat Fonts
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> I was perusing the RealBASIC archives and some other language 
> discussion areas and what I've found is that the problem of xplat 
> fonts is huge and has so far been solved only by Macromedia Director 
> and then only very inefficiently.

Actually I think only Flash has managed to come up with a half (and a 
small half at that) decent solution with its font outlines. Director's 
embedded fonts still cause problems on some systems if you don't have 
administrator rights.
> It is generally illegal to include fonts (those that are copyrighted) 
> in an application, e.g. So packaging up fonts as part of the install 
> process may not work.
> As I said in an earlier post, Java programmer friends of mine tell me 
> this is their biggest single xplat issue as well. So maybe we just 
> have to live with it, do platform checking, master the use of 
> profiles, set up some suggested standards.... In short, do it the hard 
> way!



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