More on Pam's PC transfer problem

Marian Petrides mpetrides at
Sun Aug 1 17:20:38 EDT 2004

File unpacks OK on PC side just doesn't work once unpacked.  Used same 
version of Zip to port Rev 2.5b1 over and it unpacked and ran fine 
without bin-hex decode prior.

I did look at the zip file with TextEdit and it is all the usual 
gibberish, no indication that bin-hex is involved (that I can see 

On Aug 1, 2004, at 3:26 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> Marian-
> Sunday, August 1, 2004, 10:36:02 AM, you wrote:
> MP> In an attempt to see if building a standalone using the Win 
> version of
> MP> the Rev 2.5b1 would solve Pam's problem, I did the following:
> MP> Downloaded Pam's stack (and the ZIP file version of Rev 2.5 b1) on 
> my
> MP> Mac. Transferred Pam's file over to PC over my wireless network 
> but the
> MP> file will not open in Rev 2.5b1 on my PC--says file is corrupted.
> Try opening the file in a text editor. I had this problem with other
> files and when I did this the first line of text said that the file
> had been encoded with binhex. If you see that line when looking at the
> zip file with a text editor then you need to unbinhex it first. Once
> you've done that you can open the resulting zip file with no problem.
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