Mainstacks and substacks?

kee nethery kee at
Sun Aug 1 17:04:19 EDT 2004

First, my questions are no where near as important as Pamela's, but 
perhaps they are easier to answer?

Question #1: removing a substack from a mainstack

I have a mainstack StackB and so that I could use XML when I compile 
it, I somehow managed to add revSOAP.rev into it. I am able to compile 
StackB and distribute it as a standalone to folks.


Now, as I believe I have learned, you cannot have a mainstack (StackB) 
save changes to itself. If you want to do that, you need to create a 
splash screen stack as the mainstack (StackA), and then put the old 
mainstack (StackB) where data wants to be saved, as a substack of that 
splash screen stack (StackB).

Assuming this is correct, it is also my understanding that substacks 
(StackB) cannot have substacks (revSOAP). So how do I remove revSOAP 
from StackB so that I can import it as a separate substack in StackA 
along with StackB?

What I have:
What I think I want:

Question #2: docs for apps with data saved in substacks

Where are the docs for understanding how to build a standalone that can 
retain data in substacks? I've looked at the example on the runrev 
site, I've looked through the 1.1.1 manuals, I've searched the online 
docs and I've looked at Dan Shafer's Volume 1. I know this is supposed 
to be simple but I cannot find the answer.

Thanks in advance,
Kee Nethery

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