Error 0,0 in Windows Standalone

Troy Rollins troy at
Sun Aug 1 01:00:31 EDT 2004

On Aug 1, 2004, at 12:32 AM, pkc wrote:

> I thought of stuffing, or using a stuffed suffix, after seeing another 
> note on here about somebody who could not convince a Mac to recognize 
> an FTP'd bundle as an application until the computer received it as a 
> "compressed" file. My plan at this point is to first rename the file 
> now on the server with a zip extension and see if a Windows machine 
> will download and "assemble" it. Just curious.Plan B, a genuinely 
> compressed file downloaded and see what happens. Will report results.

I honestly think your executable is just getting "munged" in the 
transfer. Create the executable into a new folder, stuff (zip, 
whatever) the entire folder immediately. Move that to the PC and 
extract. Hopefully, everything will work properly after that. The rest 
of the items you mentioned (ask and answer dialogs, fonts, etc.) could 
cause flakey behaviors and visual anomalies - but shouldn't prevent the 
app from running.
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