Using one's own images for cursors

Peter Rootham-Smith peter1002 at
Tue Apr 27 12:24:08 EDT 2004

> From: Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>
>> I'm trying to use images produced in Photoshop as cursors in RR.  I 
>> saw
>> a comment that after importing the image one had to touch it with a
>> brush or something like that to get RR to convert it into an internal
>> format.
>> Is there any way of getting RR to do this conversion programmatically?
>> The manual way isn't so practical for me.
> Just how many custom cursor are you using?  I once considered making an
> automated solution, but it's so easy to do manually the cost/benefit
> ratio just wasn't favoring automation.

I'm trying to set the cursor on the fly to images I select.  PNGs come 
out all white, GIFs all black, but with the transparent pixels 

Thanks for the helpful comments but I'll check out whether this can be 

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