creating a Unicode (UTF-8) file using open/write/close file

Trevor DeVore lists at
Wed Sep 24 14:27:01 EDT 2003

I have a program which creates a XML file that is then used by a Flash  
movie to create a menu.  Flash MX supports Unicode text and so I am  
working on creating a Unicode (UTF-8) xml file which Flash can use.

I create a sample XML file in BBEdit and set the file to UTF-8 encoding  
and was able to enter Japanese characters along with ASCII characters  
without a problem.  This was parsed without a problem by Flash.

I tried to create a file from Rev by pasting the contents of the XML  
file I made in BBEdit into a field and using the following code:

open file tPath for write (also tried open file tPath for binary write)
write unicodeText of field 1 to file tPath
close file tPath

The Japanese characters were turned into garbage characters when I  
opened the file in BBEdit.  Is it possible to write a UTF encoded text  
file with Rev?  If so, how?

Some info on the unicode xml files that Flash MX supports:


Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Multimedia
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