script editor error that drives me insane

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Do you have a bunch of blank lines at the end of your script?  I've seen
that happen before.  Could be the problem.

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Subject: script editor error that drives me insane

Sometimes I see this error message, and just dismiss it as one of those 
bizarre not-replicable bugs that we see in the Rev IDE. Usually the 
error goes away after only adding or removing an empty line from the 
script and hitting Apply again.

Today I'm editing a script, getting the error and and can't get the 
darn error to go away! What is it? What should I look for in my code to 
stop it? Hopefully it's something dumb I'm doing, and not a *severely 
aggravating* script editor bug. The error message is:

! compiling at 12:06:14 PM
Type - Function: missing ')'
Object- browse  [this is the card whose script I'm editing]
Line	- local lCachedAuthorList [this is line 1 of the script]

Clicking the script button jumps to the first line in my script, which 
is simply a script-local variable declaration.

I've seen this error many times in various different projects- it's 
just a transient aspect of using script editor, it seems. What is going 
on here? I've looked for all opening parens and verified they all match 
closing parens. What's stranger, the script *does* seem to be getting 
compiled, at least partially.

Thanks in advance anyone,

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