Stacks Hiding Behind Backdrop?

Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Nov 29 06:10:16 EST 2003

Hi Swami and Dom,

> <katir at> wrote:
>> is anyone else experiencing the annoying "winking out" of stack stack
>> behind a backdrop that has been set?
> Same here ;->
> RR 212
> OS 10.2.4
> I find this annoying, too..

Where have you guys been when i asked this question about a week ago? 

-> "Backdrop eats stacks? Yumm, yumm?"

Good to know i am not alone :-)

It looks like that this does not appeal to "palette" stacks, only to 

This may make some applications unusable so it is definitively a bug,
since scripting "on resume..." does not work to "toplevel" missing 
stacks again...

So it is far more than simply annoying!

Should we toss a coin to settle who is going to bugzilla it?
Just kidding, i will do ;-)

Have a nice weekend.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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