Understanding Aqua Windows

Jason Spencer jps2 at ualberta.ca
Fri Nov 28 18:05:33 EST 2003

On Nov 28, 2003, at 1:47 PM, Jan Schenkel wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> The Aqua Human Interface Guidelines dictate that the
> background of 'documents' is white, and that dialog
> boxes and palettes are striped.
> If your project isn't document-oriented, you can get
> the stripes in a stack by setting its backgroundColor
> property to false.
> However, as I don't have a Pantherised machine around,
> I can't check if this gets you the right look for
> MacOS X v10.3
> Best regards,
> Jan Schenkel.

Setting the backgroundColor to empty (not false) doesn't work for me in 
Panther. The docs say that the stack has to be a dialog or a palette to 
have pinstripes because of the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines.

That seems pretty silly though. Check out Mail or TextEdit. You'll find 
pinstripes there in a document-oriented setting.

Rev needs to be changed, especially if we're doing silly things like 
using PNGs. The system is providing the service for consistency, we 
should be using it.


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