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Thu Nov 27 17:52:53 CST 2003

Hi Bob,

I did a similar thing many years ago in HyperCard so I know it can be 
done (& done much easier in Revolution). Here are a few ideas:

1. As a starting point, instead of using an external database, I would 
recommend a data stack with one card per record. Set up the fields to 
hold each data field, group them and set the group's background 
behavior to true. That way the grouped objects will appear on every new 

2. You can then have a separate stack (probably the main stack) that 
handles the imports and allows searching and displaying selected 
records. Check out the "mark" command for a good way to gather a 
collection of data cards for printing or display.

3. You will need a different import routine for each source. I too was 
importing from various scientific journals and although they all had 
pretty much the same types of data, the fields were arranged and 
formatted differently. Some used length e.g. the first 50 characters 
some the title, then 51 - 100 = author etc.

Once you have that all working, if you have more than a couple of 
thousand records it may become too slow. In that case, you could then 
consider migrating it to an external database like Valentina or MySQL, 
but when you are only learning Revolution, I would keep things simple 
at first. And don't forget to ask if you get stuck :-)

sarahr at

On 27 Nov 2003, at 9:23 pm, Dr. Bob Hartley wrote:

> Hi All.
> I'm new here and to programming and about to buy runtime revolution.
> I wish to create a bibliography database that can have input from 
> files like this...... Where %a = author field etc etc see below.
> Also the input would be from different apps and therefore there would 
> have to be a choice of input script.
> Can runrev do this??
> Cheers
> Bob
> example fields
> %0 Journal Article
> %A Abbi, S.
> %A Ueda, H.
> %A Christopher, R.
> %A Guan, J. L.
> %D 2000
> %T Inhibition of cell cycle progression, cell spreading and migration 
> by FIP200, a protein inhibitor for FAK
> %J Mol. Biol. Cell
> %V 11
> %P 2067
> %! Inhibition of cell cycle progression, cell spreading and migration 
> by FIP200, a protein inhibitor for FAK
> %Z Molecular Biology of the Cell
> %L Isi:000165525902071
> %U file://localhost/Oslin/Thesis master/pdf's/
> %0 Journal Article
> %A Abercrombie, M
> %A Heaysman, JEM
> %A Karthauser, HM
> %D 1957
> %T Social behaviour of Cells in Tissue Culture
> %J Exprimental Cell Redserch
> %V 13
> %P 276-291
> %! Social behaviour of Cells in Tissue Culture
> %U file://localhost/Oslin/Thesis master/pdf's/
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