New Here...

Chuck Pelto cbpelto at
Thu Nov 27 09:11:04 EST 2003

Greetings Brian and Xavier,

Thanks for the quick responses.

Yes, I'm dinking around with the tutorial and getting the impression 
that Revolution is not the relational database thing I was searching 
for on TUCOWS, where I found it. It's an advanced HyperCard system. I 
did some things with HyperCard in the 80s. But not very much.

Building a relational database in Revolution could be a bit of a 
bother. However, Brian's suggestion of using an FMP Solution behind the 
Revolution GUI seems interesting as FMP's limited graphics capabilities 
present a problem to a project I'm grappling with. I need something on 
which I can depict a map, move/show/hide icons, display textual 
information based on information held in a relational database 
environment. It would be best if it was an integrated system instead of 
a hybrid, but it may have to be the latter.

Has anyone built a relational database management system to work with 
Revolution? One they'd be willing to sell?


...enough of this for now. I have to go prepare a bird for the feast.



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