mono sounds to left and right sound channel

Axel Buchner axel.buchner at
Wed Nov 26 16:44:58 EST 2003

> Have you tried the QT external I mentioned the other day?  You can set 
> the balance of a player to the left or right speaker.  There is a demo 
> stack which shows the code for doing this included with the download.  
> Unfortunately it is OS X only right now.

Yes, I have, thanks, Trevor. It seems to work. There does not even seem 
to be much crosstalk between channels. Definitely fine for my purposes. 
Given Jason's solution we now have 2 options! Both need to be tested 
for lag. As I said in my last message, I will post the results as soon 
as I get a chance to do the testing.

Is there a way to have the sound files at a location different from the 
Revolution folder?

Thanks again, Axel

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