Need a function that re-arranges words(!)

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Wed Nov 26 00:30:57 EST 2003

On Nov 24, 2003, at 4:32 PM, valetia at wrote:

> Conditions:
> 1. The input phrase can be *any* number of words (not just 3).
> 2. Each line of the results must contain all the words within (no 
> missing
> words).
> Any takers? Thanks in advance! :)

This sounds suspiciously like Math homework. Here are some ideas to get 
you started.

Counting "my fat cat" and "my cat fat" differently means this is an 
ordered selection or permutation.

Combining adjacent words like "myfat cat"... It's still a permutation 
problem, but you are significantly expanding the input word set before 
doing the real work to enumerate the permutation. Two problems rolled 
into one. Trickee!

In my college textbook there are algorithms for "The Next 
k-Combination" and "Enumerating All Subsets". The latter involves 
representing the set as a binary vector and ticking off the 
combinations much like a car odometer. But the former is what I think 
you want. For K input words, you want all k-combinations.

I'm drawing a blank as for translating these algorithms into transcript 
though. See _Applied Combinatorics with Problem Solving_ by Jackson and 
Thoro, Section 4.3

Now Watch someone whip out a 1 liner in Transcript. I will laugh at 
myself then :-)

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