Border screen "artifacts" on dynamically moving button on Windows

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Nov 25 20:27:14 EST 2003

Richard... Smart properties that's a Rinaldi plug-in for Revolution 
available on contributions page at -- very handy. and I 
really don't see how I would have solved this without it and without a 
reminder about the armBorder property.

Any way happy to say that setting "armBorder" to false for the button 
fixed the problem on windows with the left mouse-click... a very 
"esoteric" problem, in so far as

a) this wasn't happening on the Mac and doesn't happen with a right 
mouse click on windows
b) armBorder does not appear in the properties inspector of the Rev IDE

but now, the button  has not a single appearance attribute set to true 
except icon id from an image, which is what is wanted.
Because of the latter I wasted quite a bit of time. Since buttons are 
touted as the way to create multiple instances from a single image 
source, one would think it should be easer. Had we seen "armBorder" in 
the property inspector we certainly would have turned it off. Can 
anyone enlighten us as to the rationale behind RunRev's decision to 
"mask off" from the development the option to deal with certain 
properties via the property inspector? I think the armborder *was* an 
available property in the Metacard property inspector.

  We mentioned this before in relation to "Button" and "Menu"   where, 
sometimes one want a button to look and feel like a button, and yet 
behave like a pull down menu. This was easily achieved in MC as the 
property inspector showed all such properties that could be set...  But 
now, with Rev it's a bit of a headache. If you chose a "menu" from the 
tools you get a property inspector that is "crippled" with respect to 
what you can do the object, which is a "button" in the docs, with a 
property list that is only partially accessible except from the msg 

Anyway this case is closed... but I wonder if we shouldn't feature 
  that the properties inspector reveal all properties to the user...

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On Nov 24, 2003, at 7:41 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 11/24/03 8:03 PM, Sannyasin Sivakatirswami wrote:
>> More feed back from users... this seems to be on all Windows machines 
>> and only with the "left click" button on the mouse... which, for some 
>> reason enables the vis of the border of a button whose show border 
>> property is set to false.
> Are all the "arm" properties set to false? I.e., arm border, arm fill, 
> auto arm?
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