Border screen "artifacts" on dynamically moving button on Windows

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Nov 25 10:24:38 EST 2003

thank, Jacqueline

Interesting... both the "armBorder" and the "hiliteFill" were set to 
true... although these are properties not available from the property 
inspector one sees them in the new "Smart Properties" list... I set 
both to false there and closed that palette and go an error message 
focus on the script line of Smart Properties which was "set the 
disabled of the selected object to false"

So, I assuming that "armBorder" and "hiliteFill" are associated with 
the "enabled' or "disabled" condition. I disabled the button, which 
then ceased to pass the mouseup to the stack script which is supposed 
to trigger the resizing of the artwork for its icon and move it to a 
new location.  So then I went back to smart properties and see for some 
strange reason that armBorder is still false as I had set it, but the 
disabled is true, even though in the property inspector I had disabled 
the button. I tried to set disable to false in Smart Properties, got 
another script error. Went back to the stack enabled the button (to 
make sure it passes the mouseup) and using the msg box, check 
armborder... it was still false.

OK , good, I'll ship this out again for testing on Windows with 
armBorder set to false...keep fingers crossed, but this whole thing 
leads to an important question:

Why are those properties not available in the property inspector? If 
this does solve the problem, then the IDE blind sides the developer 
and, in this case, leads to a big waste of  time on this one point...

On Nov 24, 2003, at 7:41 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 11/24/03 8:03 PM, Sannyasin Sivakatirswami wrote:
>> More feed back from users... this seems to be on all Windows machines 
>> and only with the "left click" button on the mouse... which, for some 
>> reason enables the vis of the border of a button whose show border 
>> property is set to false.
> Are all the "arm" properties set to false? I.e., arm border, arm fill, 
> auto arm?
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