Making Screensavers with Revolution -Example Stack

Mike Brown mike at
Mon Nov 24 19:03:22 EST 2003

Here is a link for downloading the Rev Stack that can be made into a
screensaver on Windows OS:

To make this into a screensaver, you would save it as a Standalone and then
replace the ".exe" extension with ".scr".  Then take the new ".scr" file you
created and drop it into the "windows" directory of your PC.  From your PC's
"Start" menu, select "Settings" and then "Display Settings".  A pop-up with
display settings will open.  Select the "Screen Savers" tab and you should
be able to locate the new ScreenSaver from the menu of options.  Set it to
display in 1 minute and then save.  After a minute, the screensaver should
appear.  When you move the mouse, it will quit.

This is a crude example where I have used a single logo image that fades in
and out at different point on the screen.  I stored the script that controls
the screensaver effect and repeat loops in a hidden button called
"MoveLogo".  The scripts that initiate the screensaver effect are stored in
the card's script.  The stack script contains the quit methods and a script
for centering and resizing the stack for different monitors.

Any suggestions or improvements are welcome!!


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>> Mike,
>> Can you share your screen saver so that I might learn what you have
>> done?
>> ALso, is this possible for Macintosh OSX screensavers?
>> Thanks
>> Tom
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