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Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at adelphia.net
Sat Nov 22 08:22:12 EST 2003

I am new to REV "SO" I don't have any backward compatible issues myself  
BUT still I would like to see ALL of the text issues fixed in REV and  
this would be one of them. And yes it would be more intuitive and  

I hope this is done soon because I deal with a lot of text.


On Nov 22, 2003, at 1:39 AM, curry wrote:

> Dear Revvies,
> There is currently a question over whether Rev's way of handling text  
> font, size, and style should be changed and whether changing it would  
> be a problem for backward compatibility.
> If you haven't noticed, text style inheritance in Revolution is not  
> completely intuitive. If you have a field with no style of its own and  
> then you set its size, you may expect the font to remain inherited,  
> but this is not the case; the font is set by Revolution to a specific  
> font when you set a size. The reverse is also true.
> The result is that you can have surprises when moving stacks between  
> platforms, or doing other tasks where you would like to change a font  
> at a higher level such as stack, and expect to see the effects in all  
> the fields where you didn't specify a font. Instead, all of the fields  
> which have any of these properties set also have their own individual  
> settings for the other properties, so there is no inheritance at  
> runtime and they need to be changed one by one if you need to change  
> them.
> So, do you think it would be better to change the feature to have true  
> inheritance and (IMO) more intuitive and more useful behavior?
> I wonder what the majority of Rev users think about it. Also, it's  
> good to be aware of the behavior so that you don't get surprised!
> You can read more about the behavior and the feature request here:
> http://www.runrev.com/revolution/developers/bugdatabase/show_bug.cgi? 
> id=66
> Curry
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