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The problems between using Text Menu / Property Ins | Contents are 
huge. I don't know why they are different but linking is just one of 
the problems. Another is in HTMLStyle RTFStyle etc. as well as 
cross-platform issues with fonts chosen from each method.

Apparently they treat text differently and it is real confusing.

I try to "just use the text menu while in the Contents Property Pane" 
approach and don't use the text menu out side of it.



On Nov 22, 2003, at 1:56 AM, Alex Rice wrote:

> Why does the 2nd method work, but not the 1st?
> 1) new label field. Put a URL into it. Text Menu | Link. Now it 
> appears to be a link, but no linkClicked message is sent.
> 2) new label field. Put a URL into it. Properties inspector | Contents 
> | Select all of the URL's text. Text Menu | Link. Now it appears to be 
> a link, and a linkClicked message IS sent.
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