Unicode revisited, this time with htmlText

Toma Tasovac ttasovac at Princeton.EDU
Sat Nov 22 03:39:05 CST 2003

That was exactly my point, Alex.  I don't quite understand what Tuviah 
had in mind -- it may well be that at the level of the HTML browser 
engine there is a lot of conversion going on -- but I was speaking from 
the point of the developer who uses Unicode in HTML.  All it takes is 
specifying the charset as say utf-8 and that's it... no charToNum, no 
worries about non ASCII, nothing...

Tuviah, if you have a moment, please explain this to me, I'd really 
like to understand what the problem is.  As I said in my previous mail 
and in the enhancement request which got a "won't fix" from you -- the 
way Revolution handles Unicode in HTML is a serious impediment for 
those working with foreign languages...

All best,

On Nov 22, 2003, at 6:58 AM, Alex Rice wrote:

Not true in practice. The encoding of HTML can be specified in the HTTP 
Content-type header from the web server, or in a META tag in the HTML 
itself (yet in the HTML itself) Read this article that was posted to 
improve-rev recently:


> On Nov 21, 2003, at 5:03 PM, tuviah snyder wrote:
>> Well that's the way you specify unicode characters in the HTML spec. 
>> Any
>> other way would have byteorder issues, associating with it, and would
>> require binary data be embedded into HTML which is supposed be plain 
>> text.

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