Rev and MySQL under MacOSX

Alex Rice alex at
Fri Nov 21 11:01:38 EST 2003

On Nov 21, 2003, at 8:06 AM, Gordon Tillman wrote:

> I had not tried to build a standalone that uses a database yet and had 
> no idea the distribution builder created those extra folders that are 
> external to the application bundle folder.  It would be cool if it was 
> possible to move those folders inside of the application bundle and 
> then update the Info.plist file (or whatever) to tell the application 
> how to find the folders in their new location

You can. I am running a standalone on OS X and I have an 
external.bundle in the Contents/MacOS folder inside the bundle as well 
as bunches of other files and resources. That's what bundles are for 

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