Renaming Deletes MP3 Tag Info - 2nd Request

Gardner, Joseph A joe.gardner at
Thu Nov 20 19:43:39 EST 2003

Sorry Jacque, my mistake on this one. For some reason I had bogued the newName global. I added .mpg instead of .mp3  to the file name and that was why it lost the tag info. When I corrected the global, the tag info remained. I confirmed this by changing newName _back_ to .mpg and the tag info was deleted again. So there seems to be no problem with the rename function itself, just with my poor eyesight (notice the slight similarity between 3 and g).

Apologies for the confusion, but many thanks for the help!


Jacque said:

> Try something like:
>    put url "binfile:myOldFile.mp3" into url "binfile:theNewName.mp3"
>    delete file "myOldFile.mp3"
> Presumably this would preserve the entire content of the file, including 
> the tags.

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