BackgroundColor strangeness

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Thu Nov 20 18:22:41 EST 2003

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003  Alex Rice <alex at> <mailto:alex at>

>On Nov 19, 2003, at 5:59 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:
>>> It also appears that when I make a standalone with this stack in it, 
>>> the second color is indeed used as a background, whether or not I 
>>> choose to copy default colors.
>>> Am I going crazy?
>>> TIA for any explanation
>There are several color and pattern related bugs with distribution 
>builder and standalones. Some involve backgroundcolor, backcolor, 
>hilitecolor, and the pinstripe "pattern" used on MacOSX for modeless 
>stacks. Not all of these are confirmed, but you might get some ideas by 
>reading the comments.
>Bugzilla Bug 35
>	  	distribution builder's "copy default colors" results in grey hilite 
>under classic macos
>Bugzilla Bug 176
>	  	Standalone does not display the stack background color
>Bugzilla Bug 686
>	  	Standalone does not display set background color.
>Bugzilla Bug 840
>	  	"Why do colors change when I create standalone?" documentation 
>doesn't match Distribution Builder
>Bugzilla Bug 862
>	  	DB sets bottomColor to black in mainstack of standalone
>others that I can't find
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Question is, if there are so many problems with the Distribution Builder, why don't you use the Metacard Standalone Builder?

Wilhelm Sanke

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