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Ken Ray kray at
Wed Nov 19 15:35:32 EST 2003

> QUESTION: Two people have said "you can't create a fully-functional 
> word processor" - Is this a license issue. I must not have read that 
> part if it is. I am lazy at times in reading small print so I 
> must have 
> missed this. HHMMMM. Now I want to know what else I can't do......

Actually, Tom, it has to do with what Rev can do with a field. Here's a
quick list of things you can do in Word that you can't do in a Rev

  - Different alignments for different paragraphs
  - Different margins for different paragraphs
  - Different indents for different paragraphs
  - Different tab stops for different paragraphs
  - Different kinds of tab stops (left, center, right, decimal)
  - Space before/after a paragraph
  - Widow/orphan control

... and I'm sure there are dozens more. And this is just talking about
text management; not including all the other benefits that a fully
featured word processor has like page breaks, print preview, spell
checking, etc.

One of these days perhaps Rev will get there, but right now it isn't
even close.


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