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Alex Rice alex at
Wed Nov 19 13:34:52 CST 2003

On Nov 19, 2003, at 10:46 AM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:

> ... I just want to be able to cut and paste and/or import hundreds of 
> pages of text into text fields and move on - instead I have to start 
> from scratch with formating etc.

Right. You mentioned several proprietary file formats. "text 
formatting" is very nonspecific. Every word processing app does text 
formatting in it's own idiosyncratic way.

Read the Transcript Dictionary, focusing all of properties of the Field 
control. That's all of the formatting capabilities you have at your 
disposal. And keep in mind HTML and RTF support is *very small subset* 
of what is supported by say MSIE, or MS Word.

In File menu | Import as Control that's the list of file types you can 
import directly.

I would also look at Rev's copy-paste facilities. When you copy text 
from a word processing app, I think you will find that it puts several 
different representations of the text onto the clipboard (this is how 
it works on Mac, I guess Window is the same). Maybe if you script the 
copy pasting you can have more control over which representation (plain 
text, rich text, PDF, TIFF, who knows) you are bringing into your app.

> QUESTION: Two people have said "you can't create a fully-functional 
> word processor" - Is this a license issue. I must not have read that 
> part if it is. I am lazy at times in reading small print so I must 
> have missed this. HHMMMM. Now I want to know what else I can't 
> do......

Not a licensing issue, it has to do with Rev's Field features and 

Someone once mentioned an external for HC or SC that was a 
full-featured text editing type of control. Maybe there is a market for 
such a beast for Rev?

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